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Circles of Strength – 40 Inspirations to Inner Harmony


Every life follows a certain rhythm, a cycle. Like nature we experience phases of weakness and phases of power; times of loss and times of fullness. The seasons follow a creation cycle, also day and night, as well as the phases of the moon. In our hectic, challenging daily life we often forget that we are a part of this nature.

The cards “Circles of Strength” are inspirations with which we can come closer to our own rhythm of life, and thereby our own truth. We may allow ourselves phases of weakness, and we may also celebrate our successes loudly and joyfully.

The sensually designed inspiration cards are like modern, powerful mandalas. In the comprehensive booklet, thought-provoking impulses as well as mindfulness, meditation and awareness exercises deepen the inspirations of the cards.

40 cards

95 x 138 mm

84-page full colour booklet

sturdy bottom-lid box

Cards of Time – Find the right moment


Whenever we want to change ­something in our lives or need to make important decisions, it often depends on the right time to do so. The Cards of Time can ­provide ­assistance in the process, if we use them as a mirror of our ­consciousness and our situation. Then they can show us the times and rhythms, that are relevant to our ­current situation. The perfect companion cards for all kind of readings; Tarot, Lenormand or Kipper!

33 Cards
70x 120 mm
104 page-booklet
Cards and booklet in English

Anne Anka’s Wise Cards


Wise duck Anne Anka helps you getting through! A card a day keeps the stress and the strain away. Get active, and trust in your intention. Anne knows how to enjoy change as an opportunity that gives us a boost. Stay mindful, Anna says, time is on your side.

55 Cards
70 x 120 mm
76 page-booklet
Cards & Booklet in English

Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms


Visionary artist Sasha St John charms and inspires her audience with her sensitive watercolors. For the first time ever, 60 of her watercolor images of fairies are gathered together in the new inspiration deck Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms. This wonderfully luminescent deck comes boxed complete with a full color 72 page guide booklet. The booklet shows each card in color along with a message written by the artist to provide a basis for reflection, contemplation, or inspiration. Allow the beauty and wisdom of the faerie realms to influence your life. This wonderful bridge between the Faerie Realm and ours will delight and inspire people of all ages, from children to adults, with peaceful images and thoughtful reminders to honor our own gentle wisdom every day.

60 cards

70 x 110 mm

Tarot de Marselha Convos- Português PT


O Tarot de Marseille é um dos Tarot mais antigos e populares de todos os tempos. Não se trata de um fac-símile, mas baseado na antiga apresentação em xilogravura do Tarot de Marselha por Nicolas Conver do século XVIII. O artista Otto Spalinger usou uma coloração completamente nova e considerou diferentes tradições iconográficas para conseguir este deck artisticamente impressionante. As cores brilhantes trazem os modelos antigos para uma vida nova e brilhante.

Cosmic Tarot SE


Syftet med Cosmic Tarot är att göra den gamla kunskapen tillgänglig och förståelig för alla genom att använda så få hemliga symboler som möjligt. Du kan förstå innebörden utan att känna till de gamla hemliga lärorna om astrologi, kabalistisk numerologi och livets träd.
The intention of the Cosmic Tarot is to make the old knowledge accessible and understandable to everyone by using as few secret symbols as possible. You can grasp the meaning without knowing the old secret doctrines of astrology, cabalistic numerology, and the tree of life.

Marseille Tarot Convos FR


Le Tarot de Marseille est l’un des Tarot les plus anciens et les plus populaires de tous les temps. Il ne s’agit pas d’un facsimilé mais basé sur l’ancienne présentation en bois du Tarot de Marseille par Nicolas Conver du 18ème siècle. L’artiste Otto Spalinger a utilisé une toute nouvelle coloration et a considéré différentes traditions iconographiques pour réaliser ce jeu artistiquement impressionnant. Les couleurs vives donnent aux anciens modèles une nouvelle vie étincelante.

Cosmic Tarot – INCLUYE 78 CARTAS SP


El Tarot Cósmico hace accesible la ­sabiduría antigua con facilidad. El ­significado de cada carta puede ser ­captado fácilmente, ya que no es ­necesario tener ningún amplio ­conocimiento sobre las enseñanzas esotéricas que constituyen la verdadera base de este Tarot: Astrología, numerología cabalística y la doctrina del Árbol de la Vida. 78 cartas con pequeño manual.

Cosmic Tarot – Tarot cosmique FR


Le Tarot Cosmique rend la ­connaissance ­ancestrale accessible tout en créant ­parallèlement un Tarot à la portée de tous, ­comportant le moins possible de ­symboles occultes. La signification des cartes peut être comprise sans que le consultant n’ait ­besoin de connaissances approfondies sur les ­sciences occultes, c’est-à-dire sur l’astrologie, la ­numérologie cabalistique et l’apprentissage de l’arbre de vie.

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