Inspiration Cards

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More mindfulness, intuition and inner wisdom.

In these cards, the main focus is that they present a modern tool for schooling our own mindfulness, to give us impulses for certain topics, to broaden our perspective, or to show us a path to our inner voice.

The intuitive pulling of a card with messages is inherently an act of mindfulness and allows us to enter into a dialogue with ourselves: What does the message want to say to me? What does it mean to me now, in this moment or in relation to this question? Messages from the cards also offer the practical possibility of simply using them as an affirmation or remembrance for the day, either mentally or physically. At the same time, the individual themes of the various card sets are very different: they range from impulse-giving cards like the Little Yogi Happy Notes to Circles of Strength cards, Angel cards and yoga cards to fantasy worlds as creative inspiration.

What they all have in common is that they are based upon a modern understanding of spirituality as a path to oneself as well as a modern design in quite different facets.