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Modern Spirituality

In 1977 Werner Ganser and colleagues founded the Urania publishing house in Sauerlach near Munich, which later was domiciled for many years in Neuhausen/Switzerland at the playing card factory AGM Müller. The Königsfurt-Urania Verlag, which has been merged since 2007 and has since belonged to the globally active Cartamundi Group (Belgium), existed at the same location until September 2021. The publishing house is now based in Kiel.

Since 2012, the international tarot and oracle business (taken over by the Swiss sister company AGM Müller) has also been continuously and extensively expanded from Klein Königsförde, now under the name AGM-Urania.

The Königsfurt-Urania / AGM-Urania publishing house stood from the beginning for spirituality and a conscious life and is a market leader in the area of Tarot and Oracles. The main titles here are the tarot cards from A.E. Waite as well as Aleister Crowley, but also Lenormand and Kipper cards, runes and other oracle cards.

In recent years, the focus lies increasingly on Modern Spirituality, especially on inspiration and life help. Countless creative inspiration and impulse cards as well as books from the Königsfurt-Urania / AGM-Urania publishing house help to achieve more mindfulness, self-love, and inner harmony as well as to become better aware of one’s own inner intuition and wisdom. Here we see it as a special duty to put the classic tarot cards into this modern context and more and more to address young readers.

Since the founding of the Königsfurt-Urania / AGM-Urania publishing house, we have produced our card decks and sets almost exclusively at our sister company, the playing card factory Altenburg GmbH. The firm located in Thuringia has an over 175 year old tradition. Everyone recognizes playing cards – whether rummy, scat, poker, double head – with the characteristic heart symbol.

We place great value on the fact that all our cards are Made in Germany or Made in Belgium (fabricated by our mother company Cartamundi in Turnhout, Belgium). The transportation routes are short, which helps the environment. In addition, high quality playing card card-stock is used which consists of a special mix of materials. As a result, the cards are flexible, they don’t stick when shuffled and they are especially long lasting.

We wish you wonderful hours and great success with our books, card decks and card sets!

Your Königsfurt-Urania/ AGM-Urania Publishing House