Oracles, various

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In addition to the three most well known Oracles Tarot, Lenormand and Kipper, there are many more in the program of the Königsfurt-Urania / AGM-Urania publishing house. Among the main thematic focus are Runes and Pendulums, as well as Shamanic and Power Animal Cards, Angel Cards, Healing Stones, Raven Cards, Time Cards, Gypsy Cards, and much more.

Runes, the old written characters of the Germanic tribes, are mysterious and fascinating. Originally, the runes were carved into small pieces of wood and also always used as an Oracle. The manifold meanings of the individual runes, their connection with mythology, mysticism and symbolism is impressive. The tradition of using a Pendulum goes back to antiquity. The pendulum is yet today very popular as an oracle, whether with pendulum charts, intuitively or in combination with modern hypnotherapy. Shamanism and Power Animals are increasingly becoming more popular subjects. The Native American culture, the ancient ideas, rites and traditional healing arts of the Shamans have in recent years come more into focus of society.