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Winter, Sylvie Gayan


Model, actress, author, shaman. 1966 Sylvie starts her modeling career in Frankfurt. In 1969 she moves to Munich. There, her career takes off, with weekly covers on almost every magazine in Germany. Filmmaker Thomas Schamonie discovers her for a leading role in his film, "A Big, Grayish Blue Bird." Ms. Winter travels halfway around the world. She works regularly in New York, for Eileen Ford, the most prestigious agency in the US, she photographs in Paris, London, Milan and Munich. In 1974, she gets out and goes to Italy with her boyfriend. About "Osho" begins her spiritual path, she lived there for 5 years in the meditation center and took her spiritual name "Gaya" in 1975. In 1985, the move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, takes place. Sylvie Gaya Winter rents a house made of wood and glass on a mountain at 2,700 meters and retreats to write. Interviews on radio and TV follow. Gayan Sylvie focuses on women and wants to strengthen their self-worth and self-confidence with her books and workshops.

Author's books

Tarô Vision Quest PT


A Sabedoria Do Nativo Americano Gayan Sylvie Winter & Jo Dosé

O Tarô Vision Quest tem o propósito de aumentar noss a consciência das forças cósmicas e a forma como elas influenciam no noss o caminho individual.

Perspectivas mudadas, trazidas por cada nova fase, naturalmente elevam noss o foco e expandem noss as visões.

Descobrimos novos aspectos de noss o próprio subconsciente ou inconsciente e aprendemos a entender suas mensagens

78 cartas e manual de inst rução detalhado

Vision Quest Tarot GB


The Native American Wisdom by Gayan Sylvie Winter & Jo Dosé

The Vision Quest Tarot is designed to increase our awareness of cosmic forces and how they influence our individual paths.

Changed perspectives, brought about every new phase, naturally shift our focus and expand our views.

We discover new aspects of our own sub- or unconscious and learn to understand its messages.

78 cards and detailed instruction booklet

Vision Quest Tarot SP


El tarot de la sabiduría amerindia de Gayan Silvie Winter & Jo Dosé

Todos queremos estar más  despiertos y ser más libres en nuestro  pensamiento, en nuestra  consciencia, en nuestro modo de vivir.

Con sus símbolos potentes, claros y  sencillos el tarot Vision-Quest puede ser de gran ayuda para tomar consciencia de las fuerzas del cosmos y del espíritu en el propio vivir.

78 cartas del tarot y un manual de instrucciones detallado.

The Oracle of the Goddess


Discover the Female Powers of the Divine.

The Oracle of the Goddess brings the ancient concept of the goddess as part of the female consciousness back to life.

The artful images and the sensitively written text show what kind of messages and wisdom the archetypes of the goddess from different cultures still hold in stock for mankind today.

33 cards
95 x 140 mm
card language: english
book: english, 136 pp.