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Dreaming Way Lenormand


This charming 36-card Petit Lenormand deck offers fresh, new perspectives for this traditional system of fortune telling. Contemporary Korean artist Kwon Shina’s imaginative style of artwork provides the reader with clever visual cues that capture the mood, nuances, and inner meanings of the cards. When you look at the Dog card, you will know in an instant this card portrays loyal friendship, not a threat. If you are learning Lenormand for the first time, this is a delightful deck to learn the core meanings. If you are already familiar with the Lenormand system, Kwon’s dreamy images will inspire you to look at Lenormand in a whole new way. The 92-page booklet offers keywords, quotations and interpretations that help the reader understand the lively narrative interplay between the 36 cards. Dreaming Way Lenormand will allow you to do insightful readings that bring clarity to any situation, whether you are working with pairs of cards, the Grand Tableau or one of the starter spreads suggested in the instructions.

Rune Vision Cards GB


The runic alphabet was created two thousand years ago. It is steeped in magic and mysticism, encompassing this ancient culture’s beliefs and traditions. The runic oracle was used to enlist the powerful influence of the Norse gods and goddesses that it represented. Now you can do the same using the book and cards contained in this pack.

Symbolon Pocket GB


This deck reaches the memories of the soul. Astrology, personal insights, and symbolism in daily life are revealed through the cards. Constantly changing combinations of cards disclose the whole range of human experience. The Symbolon deck is a set of 78 images designed to help you remember forgotten aspects of yourself that are influencing your life from within.

1JJ Swiss Tarot Cards GB


The 1JJ Swiss Tarot is an older style of tarot deck. The cards are reprints of early woodcut designs, printed in black and coloured with blocks of red, blue, green and yellow. Particularly clear and catchy motifs, therefore optimally suited for beginners.

Marseille Tarot Convos SP


El Tarot de Marsella es uno de los Tarot más antiguos y populares de la historia. No es un facsímil, sino que está basado en la antigua presentación en madera del Tarot de Marsella de Nicolas Conver del siglo XVIII. El artista Otto Spalinger utilizó un colorido completamente nuevo y consideró diferentes tradiciones iconográficas para lograr esta baraja artísticamente impresionante. Los colores brillantes dan vida a las viejas plantillas.

Марсельское Таро Convos (Russian Edition)


Марсельское Таро – одно из старейших и самых популярных карт Таро. Это не факсимиле, а основанное на старинной резьбе по дереву Марсельское Таро Николя Конверта XVIII века. Художник Отто Спалингер использовал совершенно новую окраску и учел различные иконографические традиции, чтобы добиться этой впечатляющей художественной колоды. Яркие цвета оживляют старые шаблоны новой яркой жизнью.

Marseille Tarot Convos FR


Le Tarot de Marseille est l’un des Tarot les plus anciens et les plus populaires de tous les temps. Il ne s’agit pas d’un facsimilé mais basé sur l’ancienne présentation en bois du Tarot de Marseille par Nicolas Conver du 18ème siècle. L’artiste Otto Spalinger a utilisé une toute nouvelle coloration et a considéré différentes traditions iconographiques pour réaliser ce jeu artistiquement impressionnant. Les couleurs vives donnent aux anciens modèles une nouvelle vie étincelante.

Tarot de Marselha Convos- Português PT


O Tarot de Marseille é um dos Tarot mais antigos e populares de todos os tempos. Não se trata de um fac-símile, mas baseado na antiga apresentação em xilogravura do Tarot de Marselha por Nicolas Conver do século XVIII. O artista Otto Spalinger usou uma coloração completamente nova e considerou diferentes tradições iconográficas para conseguir este deck artisticamente impressionante. As cores brilhantes trazem os modelos antigos para uma vida nova e brilhante.

Cosmic Tarot NL


De bedoeling van de kosmische Tarot is om de oude kennis toegankelijk en begrijpelijk te maken voor iedereen door zo weinig mogelijk geheime symbolen te gebruiken. Je de betekenis begrijpen zonder de oude geheime leringen van astrologie, Cabalistische, numerologie en de boom van het leven te kennen. De Cosmic Tarot maakt oude kennis voor iedereen toegankelijk door zo weinig mogelijk geheime dan te gebruiken. De betekenis is begrijpelijk, ook zonder kennis van de oude geheime leer van astrologie, kabbalistische numerologie en de boom des levens.

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