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Schauer, Barbara


THE LITTLE YOGI is cult! Whether yogi or not - his charm conjures a smile even on tired faces and with his loving wisdom he is a daily inspiration for many fans - more than 120,000 already on Facebook. The illustrator Barbara Liera Schauer developed the little Yogi in 2009, which she markets very successfully on the basis of various products. With great pleasure she spreads with her illustrations & texts loving and humorous messages to bring a little bit more love, lightness and joy into the world. The trained accountant traveled through Europe, Asia and Central America to finally arrive at herself and back home. In 2003 her son Joshua was born. Yoga has accompanied the certified relaxation trainer with a focus on yoga and children's yoga teacher, author and illustrator for more than 18 years. She lives in Upper Austria.

Author's books

The Little Yogi – Happy Notes GB – 40 impulse cards with instructions


THE LITTLE YOGI inspires both young and old alike.  His loving and soulful messages go straight to the heart.  The inspirational cards give us wonderful moments of happiness: they warm our heart and help us focus on the essentials and strengthen ourselves.

For each happy note, the detailed booklet offers thoughts for going deeper as well as appropriate exercises: mindfulness exercises, affirmations, little meditations, and yoga exercises give us additional practical impulses.

Born in beautiful Salzkammergut in Upper Austria, Barbara Liera Schauer was already drawing at a tender young age. In 2009 she found her calling and the enchanting cult-figure “The Little Yogi” came into being. She has a diploma as relaxation trainer with a speciality in Yoga and Children’s Yoga Teachers.

In the meantime, The Little Yogi (German edition) is happy to have a Facebook following of over 140,000 fans. On Instagram he is gaining 3000 new follower each month and the recently created app has already been downloaded more than 30.000 times!

40 cards

95 x 138 mm

card language: english

instruction booklet: english, full coloured

sturdy bottom-lid box

Yoga with the little Yogi for Children and Adults – Book and Cards GB


“This set contains 24 pairs of cards, illustrated by Barbara Liera Schauer, the creator of the Little Yogi, as well as an instruction book written by yoga teacher Gerti Nausch in which 24 basic yoga exercises are described in two different ways: one for children and one for adults. The cards are perfect for imaginative games, exercises and yoga units for singles as well as families, school classes or children’s birthday parties.The book provides detailed descriptions of games and exercises for children and adults.”