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Neumann, Christiane


Christiane Neumann is an artist, author, and life coach. She combines her mediumship and creativity with her talent for languages. While she used to break through the language barriers of people speaking other languages as a translator, she has been translating card images into language for many years, using her knowledge and skills to show other people their true potential, identify fears, blockages and patterns, and find solutions to problems. As an artist, she found her way into digital art as early as 2001 and has also led seminars in creative image design. She is the author of various books and offers under the name Christephania consultations, coaching and seminars for intuitive card reading. @christephania/

Author's books

Christephania Kipper GB


Fascinating new interpretation of traditional oracle cards!

The unusual collages of these cards take us into dream-like sceneries. With this deck the artist and Kipper specialist Christephania has created a relaunch of the traditional Biedermeier cards. While the basic meanings of the classic cards have been retained, much has been modernized and the symbolism expanded so that the images allow us to dive into deep levels of our soul. The detailed and insightful texts in the booklet offer explanations and interpretation aids for each cards.

Contents: 36 Kipper cards and 128-page booklet