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Lemke, Kaya


Already as a child I had discovered my passion for gemstones. But the knowledge of the power of stones I acquired only when I co-opened in 1995 the "Amaryllis", a specialty store for gemstones and spiritual books. Through the acquaintance with Michael Gienger I learned a lot about the effect of gemstones. Gemstones accompanied me not only for their effect, but also for their beauty, at all times. Some years ago I began to compose and make gemstone necklaces to combine both.

Author's books

Healing Stones – 33 cards for health, vital energy and power


Gemstones contain a specific energy which activate our natural healing powers and exert a positive influence on our bodies, minds and souls. This 33 beautifully designed cards show the individual beauty and message of the most important healing stones. The Healing Stone cards themselves could be used as a source of energy and as an inspiration regarding live issues. The 80-page booklet provides detailed information about each stone and how to use the cards.

33 cards

95 x 138 mm

80-page full colour booklet

sturdy bottom-lid box