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Hirschi, Gertrud


Author, world-renowned yoga and mudra teacher. Since Madonna discovered the Indian finger exercises for herself, it is no longer a secret: mudras promote one's physical and mental well-being, address health problems and bring inner peace and balance. The Swiss yoga teacher Gertrud Hirschi has been working with the helping hand gestures for many years. In numerous book publications, the mudras expert shows how life energies can be revitalized, self-healing powers activated and mental balance found with the help of the traditional finger postures. Keywords such as joint pain, listlessness, nervousness, bloating, neck pain or lack of concentration indicate the wide range of applications. Gertrud Hirschi explains applications and modes of action of the mudras and presents those that specifically address the needs of modern people in everyday life.

Author's books

Mudras for Body, Mind & Spirit


Mudras – special finger and hand position exercises which transform our hands into real “powerhouses”.
The mudras display a correspondence with the more widely known yoga exercises and like them, they help to
strengthen the flow of life-energy within minutes; they have a fortifying effect on all levels and reduce stress. Mudras to relieve physical complaints. Mudras to cope with stress. Mudras for mental refreshment. Mudras for mental and emotional equilibrium. Mudras for one’s spiritual development. Gertrud Hirschi is a bestseller authoress who has gaine a worldwide reputation with her books on yoga and mudras. Her mudra books have even been translated into Hindi and are recommended reading in India. The artist Vreni Erzberger has made a small work of art out of each illustration. Everything which you need in order to use a mudra can be found directly on the card itself.