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Feddersen, Bianca


Bianca Feddersen, born 1975, Kin 26 - White World Bridger, Tone 13, zodiac sign Gemini with ascendant Aquarius, immersed herself in personal development and conscious spirituality at the age of 21 and has been working as a Mayan astrologer and relationship expert since 2004. Her goal is to teach modern and true-to-life Mayan astrology to bring individuality and thus a better relationship with oneself into this world. You can find out all about her Mayan astrology training and workshops at And if you follow her on Instagram at @biancafeddersen, you will always get the latest Mayan time qualities. She lives in Flensburg.

Author's books

Maya Astro Cards: 44 astrological oracle cards with booklet


44 cards (138 x 95 mm), booklet with around 192 pages, May 2024

The mysterious culture of the Maya fascinates with its unique understanding of the cosmos, time and energies to this day. With its spiral structure of 260 days, the Mayan calendar unites the quantitative comprehension of time with the idea of a quality of time. Each day is understood in its energy through archetypes, tones and waves, and at the same time the character of each person through their date of birth.

Maya astrologer Bianca Feddersen gives a deep insight into this mysterious culture and its completely unique understanding of the big picture. Together with astrologer Tanja Brock (author of the Astro Cards, see page 10), she shows a modern interpretation of how this ancient knowledge helps you today to better understand the connections of the cosmos and yourself.