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Faust, Kai Uwe


Kai Uwe Faust was born in Germany and grew up with a rather strict Christian background, from which he soon broke away. Fascinated by mythology and history from a young age, he began to draw and dreamed of a job at Disney. a job at Disney. Diving deeper and deeper into the myths of our Northern European ancestors and with a great interest in animistic and shamanic traditions, he began working in Astrid Köpfler's tattoo studio after various training and further education courses. of Astrid Köpfler, toured the Viking and medieval markets and then received an invitation to work as a guest artist at Copenhagen's Kunsten på Kroppen, where he refined his traditionally oriented tattoo art for many years and became one of the most sought after Nordic-style tattoo artists. In 2013 his book "Nordic Tattoo - Black Art" was published and in 2014 the foundation was laid for Kai's music project HEILUNG, founded together with Christopher Juul and Maria Franz - a shamanic-spiritual band that holds large rituals rather than regular concerts. Since 2017, HEILUNG has been touring more and more often and with increasing success, so Kai ended his tattoo career and from then on focused solely on ritual music performance.

Author's books

Norse Magic


49 cards (140 x 98 mm), book with around 144 pages, April 2024

Immerse yourself in the origins of Nordic spirituality. With this oracle deck, Jennie Appel and Dirk Grosser introduce you to Norse mythology in a unique way. They tell you the stories of the origins of the world, the many deities such as Thor, Freyja, and Loki, of exciting adventures and cunning, love, magic, and battle. Embark on this journey that will awaken your senses and strengthen your basic trust! The magical rituals for each card allow you to put this spirituality into practice. Tattoo artist and founder of the band „Heilung“ Kai Uwe Faust has created fascinating illustrations that visualize the figures, actions, and themes of the cards in ancient magic signs, so called sigils. These magical images are ideal for rituals, small spells and as symbols for your spiritual practice.