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Bücker, Gabi


Gabi Bücker born in 1966 in Haltern am See. For many years she has been engaged in various ways with the topic of spirituality, including shamanic healing journeys or imaginative healing work. During these inner journeys, the (re-)encounter with the raven took place, which now accompanies her with its inimitable raven style. Re-encounter because she rediscovered a picture that she had already painted as a seven-year-old: she sits laughing on the back of a large, black bird. Apparently, the close connection to the raven existed even then. "When I was about 15, I raised three jackdaws that had fallen out of the nest..." Mrs. Bücker can in good conscience be called a mother of ravens. She knows everything about ravens, whether in mythology or from the ravens that live as guards in front of the Tower in London. She understands this animal as her power animal. She gives "raven" seminars, the content of which is about discovering one's own inner wisdom, growth and development.

Author's books

Raven Cards GB


With clear, but by no means superficial words and images the Raven Cards provide an ever-present fund of hints and insights which shed light on difficult situation, provide a key to solving a thorny problem or simply point the way forward. To be in contact with the Raven means to tap into your own resources of inner joy and equanimity.

Las Cartas del Cuervo SP


Con palabras e imágenes claras, pero de ninguna manera superficiales, las Raven Cards proporcionan un fondo siempre presente de sugerencias – y conocimientos que arrojan diluz sobre situaciones difíciles, proporcionan una clave para resolver un problema espinoso o simplemente señalan camino a seguir. Estar en contacto con el Cuervo significa aprovechar tus propios recursos de alegría interior y ecuanimidad.