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Марсельское Таро Convos (Russian Edition)


Марсельское Таро – одно из старейших и самых популярных карт Таро. Это не факсимиле, а основанное на старинной резьбе по дереву Марсельское Таро Николя Конверта XVIII века. Художник Отто Спалингер использовал совершенно новую окраску и учел различные иконографические традиции, чтобы добиться этой впечатляющей художественной колоды. Яркие цвета оживляют старые шаблоны новой яркой жизнью.

Marseille Tarot Convos SP


El Tarot de Marsella es uno de los Tarot más antiguos y populares de la historia. No es un facsímil, sino que está basado en la antigua presentación en madera del Tarot de Marsella de Nicolas Conver del siglo XVIII. El artista Otto Spalinger utilizó un colorido completamente nuevo y consideró diferentes tradiciones iconográficas para lograr esta baraja artísticamente impresionante. Los colores brillantes dan vida a las viejas plantillas.

Cosmic Tarot NL


De bedoeling van de kosmische Tarot is om de oude kennis toegankelijk en begrijpelijk te maken voor iedereen door zo weinig mogelijk geheime symbolen te gebruiken. Je de betekenis begrijpen zonder de oude geheime leringen van astrologie, Cabalistische, numerologie en de boom van het leven te kennen. De Cosmic Tarot maakt oude kennis voor iedereen toegankelijk door zo weinig mogelijk geheime dan te gebruiken. De betekenis is begrijpelijk, ook zonder kennis van de oude geheime leer van astrologie, kabbalistische numerologie en de boom des levens.

Herbal Recognition Cards GB


Your card collection is designed to be a handy travel companion, much more convenient to take with you on country walks and gathering trips than a cumbersome book. Using your cards, you will be able to locate and recognize a wide variety of plants in the wild. Whether you want to collect your own herbs or simply appreciate natural beauty, your herbal collection will guide your footsteps.
49-card deck with self-explanatory texts
Laminated cards for outdoor use
49 cards
90 x 140 mm
card language: english

Mystical Lenormand Cards – GB


“This petit 36-card deck encourages readers to explore their own intuition and associations to interpret the cards, or refer to the accompanying booklet for guidance on each card meaning (more detailed card interpretation are given in the Mystical Lenormand Book on page 53) . The vivid artwork was created by Swiss artist Urban Trösch using a time-honored technique of egg tempera on wood with a chalk base.”

Tarot for everyone


“Hajo Banzhaf makes the direct application of the 78 Tarot cards a piece of cake with easy-to-read tables in this book.
He offers a succinct and yet comprehensive description of all the cards. The three laying systems presented in this
book cover all the important sections and questions of life.”

Tarot for Magical Times GB


The authors, Rachel Pollack and Johannes Fiebig, focus on the daily Tarot card and offer interpretations for each of the 78 Tarot cards. In addition the current crucial period of transformation with “Pluto in Capricorn”. It has become common practice, since the time of the renowned Order of the Golden Dawn, To assign the Tarot cards to individual sections of the yearly cycle (the decans). This quality of time, which the Tarot cards also express (which, however, is largely unknown) is skillfully used by the authors. Both are experienced Tarot experts with sales of over a million Tarot books each. Book, english, 160 pp. fully coloured

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