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Old English Tarot


World-renowned artist Maggie Kneen has taken her inspiration for Old English Tarot from the medieval English manuscript Luttrell Psalter, written and illustrated in the 14th century by Sir Geoffrey Luttrell. The detailed images, ranging from peasant life to religious scenes, provide a visual reference for everyday life in medieval England. Its richly patterned, heraldic borders and distinctive colors schemes directly inspired Old English Tarot. This unique deck invites you to relax and let your imagination explore a long ago era when possibilities were endless. Old English Tarot inspires a peaceful atmosphere for readings and meditation.

Oracle of Visions


Through lush, Victorian-influenced images, the Oracle of Visions deck offers unique perspectives for insightful and intuitive readings. Rather than relying on a single theme, this eclectic oracle deck introduces archetypal figures from many areas of life, including the theater and the carnival. Ciro Marchetti’s imaginative scenes encourage us to set aside pre-conceived ideas and open ourselves up to new ways of looking at our choices, decisions, and potential outcomes. Oracle of Visions set includes 52 cards and 140-page illustrated guidebook.

Following a career in advertising and graphic design, Ciro Marchetti has devoted the last decade of his life to the creation of several divination decks, including the Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck and the Tarot of Dreams. His award-winning digital artwork is popular around the world.

Pride Tarot


Pride Tarot is a collaborative 78-card tarot deck inspired by Pridefest and the achievements of the LGBTQ+ movement. U.S. Games Systems created this deck to show its support for the LGBTQ+ community, and to showcase the creative talents of LGBTQ+ members and allies. Pride Tarot features 45 diverse artists from around the globe who share their poignant and powerful stories.

Pride Tarot follows the structure of Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, with some cards portraying real life heroes, role models and personal experiences. Included with the deck is a 192-page illustrated guidebook with card descriptions, artists’ bios, and instructions for a Parade Card Spread. The deck includes an extra Pride Flag Rainbow card, which can also be used for a six-card reading.

U.S. Games Systems, Inc. has made a contribution to an organization working to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals. Since it is all too often young people who most acutely experience isolation and marginalization, we have chosen to donate to a group whose mission is to help struggling young people. For more information, click here:

Raven Wands Oracle


Inspired by Steven Hutton’s popular Dark Raven Chronicles Trilogy, Raven’s Wand Oracle draws insights from the tale of a mysterious black wand, brave young Kolfinnia, whose fate it is to save witchcraft, and the sage old witch Valonia who counsels that mind creates matter. Other witches you will meet in the Wildwood–coven include Rhia Winsome, who shares her creative energy, Ada Crabbe, the senior gardener, Oceana, and the dragon twins Hethra and Halla. Each member of the coven has important life lessons to offer. Through vivid artwork and heartfelt messages, Raven’s Wand Oracle invites you to explore the profound wisdom of witchcraft.

Urban Tarot


Urban Tarot is a loving homage to the metropolis and all its diverse inhabitants. This stunning deck provides a map to your own inner city, a guide for the twenty-first century seeker of truth, insight, and magic living in the urban landscape. This unique vision of the tarot presents a set of ancient symbols, designed to help you see the miraculous in the modern and the mundane. The 78-card deck comes with an 84-page guidebook to help you find insight and understanding from the challenges of urban life. The book includes personal commentary by the artist about the people and events who inspired Urban Tarot.

Board the train line that eats its own tail and journey with us. Feel the power pulsing below the pavement. Move to the music of traffic, and breathe in the smells of smoke and sweat, of hot pizza and the impossible. Within these cards, you will find the familiar and the fantastic sharing a four-story walkup apartment, where the avenues of Dream and Reality cross.

Yoga with the little Yogi for Children and Adults – Book and Cards GB


“This set contains 24 pairs of cards, illustrated by Barbara Liera Schauer, the creator of the Little Yogi, as well as an instruction book written by yoga teacher Gerti Nausch in which 24 basic yoga exercises are described in two different ways: one for children and one for adults. The cards are perfect for imaginative games, exercises and yoga units for singles as well as families, school classes or children’s birthday parties.The book provides detailed descriptions of games and exercises for children and adults.”

Mudras for Body, Mind & Spirit


Mudras – special finger and hand position exercises which transform our hands into real “powerhouses”.
The mudras display a correspondence with the more widely known yoga exercises and like them, they help to
strengthen the flow of life-energy within minutes; they have a fortifying effect on all levels and reduce stress. Mudras to relieve physical complaints. Mudras to cope with stress. Mudras for mental refreshment. Mudras for mental and emotional equilibrium. Mudras for one’s spiritual development. Gertrud Hirschi is a bestseller authoress who has gaine a worldwide reputation with her books on yoga and mudras. Her mudra books have even been translated into Hindi and are recommended reading in India. The artist Vreni Erzberger has made a small work of art out of each illustration. Everything which you need in order to use a mudra can be found directly on the card itself.

Symbolon FR – Les cartes de la mémoire et de l’esprit


Ce deck atteint les mémoires de l’âme. L’astrologie, les idées personnelles et le symbolisme de la vie quotidienne sont révélés à travers les cartes. Des combinaisons de cartes en constante évolution révèlent toute la gamme de l’expérience humaine. Le deck Symbolon est un ensemble de 78 images conçues pour vous aider à vous souvenir des aspects oubliés de vous-même influencer votre vie de l’intérieur.

Decouvrez Bouddha (Osho Bouddha Box FR)


Nous portons tous en nous le potentiel de devenir un Bouddha à part entière. Ce magnifique paquet, comprenant 53 des cartes spectaculaires, des sutras qui développent l’esprit et un guide d’accompagnement sont les clés pour libérer ce pouvoir. Ils aident le processus d’éveil, de donner sens et signification à nos vies. Chaque magnifique carte comporte une photographie de une statue de Bouddha, une courte citation du livre connu sous le nom de Dhammapada et un commentaire sur le sutra.

Le Tarot du Dragon Celtique FR


Plongez dans les anciennes traditions celtiques pendant que votre magie et vos divinations se prélassent dans le souffle enflammé du Tarot du dragon celtique de D. J. Conway et Lisa Hunt. En utilisant sa connaissance des anciennes énergies des dragons (elle a écrit le livre populaire, Dancing with Dragons), D. J. Conway a conçu l’un des jeux de tarot les plus vifs et puissants jamais créés. L’art de ce deck a été créé par l’illustratrice fantastique bien connue Lisa Hunt et vous apportera des frissons dans la colonne vertébrale. Le tarot du dragon celtique est un ensemble qui combine un jeu de 78 cartes en couleur et un livre de 240 pages, Un guide du tarot du dragon celtique. Ensemble, ils peuvent renforcer vos lectures, votre magie et votre cœur. Aucun mot ne peut exprimer la beauté de ce deck. L’étonnante attention portée aux détails sur chaque carte, des volutes délicates sur les vêtements à l’intensité des expressions sur les personnes et de nombreuses images différentes de dragons, vous étonnera. Le livre vous donne tout ce que vous devez savoir pour faire du Tarot du dragon celtique une partie de votre travail spirituel et magique quotidien.
Explications complètes du symbolisme sur chaque carte. Significations divinatoires pour chaque carte. Quatre spreads de tarot que vous pouvez utiliser pour faire des lectures pour vous-même et pour les autres. Sorts utilisant des bougies et ce deck pour la guérison, la chance, la protection, l’amour et plus encore. Comment méditer avec ce deck, comprenant trois méditations guidées. Comprenez les influences de la vie passée sur le présent.
Développez des capacités psychiques. Le tarot du dragon celtique est un nouvel ajout passionnant à votre vie magique. Que vous soyez intéressé par le Tarot, les Celtes, la magie ou l’amélioration personnelle, ce livre et ce jeu sont indispensables.
78 cartes
langue de la carte: français
livre: français; 240 pp