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Crowley, Aleister


The Crowley Tarot is one of the most popular Tarot decks. The cards of Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris are very popular, while the person of A. Crowley divides opinions. The mysterious symbolic world of these cards impresses with its obviousness and encryption at the same time. Aleister Crowely was a famous occultist (1875-1947) and Lady Frieda Harris a gifted artist (1877-1962). She created the Crowley cards in about 7 years and gained little fame for it. Especially in the Crowley Tarot there are many symbols that are often perceived in a rather one-sided way. The "archaeological" uncovering of symbolism seems all the more explosive because the Crowley Tarot is one of the few Tarot varieties with printed interpretive terms. Subtitles such as "success" or "futility" suggest seemingly unambiguous statements. As the authors document, however, these subtitles in no way reflect the pictorial content of the Crowley cards. They were also not created together with the cards in the years 1936-43, but originate from the writings of the Order of Golden Dawn (around 1900) and were already published by Crowley in 1912. n 1943, all the cards were shown for the first time at an exhibition. It was not until the 1960s that the Crowley Thoth Tarot was published. Thus neither Crowley nor Lady Frieda Harris lived to see its publication.

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El tarot de Crowley fue creado por el famoso ocultista Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). Lady Harris (1877-1962) pinto las cartas. No obstante que Lady Harris sabía poco sobre el Tarot y su simbolismo, bajo la guía de Crowley ella transpuso todas las sutilidades de las ideas provenientes de él en sus pinturas. Muchas veces una carta fue pintada en diferentes versiones hasta que una de ellas tuvo la aprobación de Crowley. El Tarot Thoth de Crowley necesitó más de cinco años para poder ser completado. Fue por primera vez publicado en 1972, después de que ambos, Crowley y Lady Harris, murieron. El Tarot fue producido utilizando las técnicas de colores, reproduciendo con exactitud los sorprendentes colores de las pinturas originales.
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