Oracles - The Art of Wise Counselling


The search for an understanding of the life around us and its natural laws belongs to the most fundamental of human need. Therefore, human beings have always attempted to understand the power of destiny through omens and the questioning of oracles to be prepared for life's risks and to successfully counter them.

I Ching - for example - is one of the oldest and most important books of wisdom and oracles known to us. All the profound thoughts and insights of Chinese philosophy have been incorporated into its wise teachings. Philosophers, heads of state, scientists and seekers of truth have sought and found advice, wisdom and self-knowledge in I Ching throughout the millennia.

How an oracle funtions is something not yet known to modern sciences. When you use an oracle over a significant period of time you cannot help but recognize its soundness and reliability. But gradually modern science - in quantum physics and the chaos theory, for example - is making a re-evaluation of such phenomena possible. A bridge is being forged to an ancient, mystical knowledge about the nature of things. And so, too, is our view of things changing, from an entrenched and, so to speak, linear view of things into a view in which all cosmic processes are part of a greater dynamic and universal process. Everything is relative and enjoys mutual influence and dependence.


Consulting an oracle

A true question always refers to the essential in life: our own being. Consulting an oracle means to tune in to the wisdom of the inner self and let this wisdom talk to us through intuition. This makes an oracle a great helper in times of transformation and inner or outer changes. It is not a means of entertainment but meant to be used and consulted with sincerity and attentiveness.

For a proper reading be aware of your motivation and try not to let your ego or your own will interfere. For it is only from intuition that "the new", that wisdom and true insight, arise.

The new, the unknown, the inner knowledge, emerges from consciousness only if we stop clinging to certain thoughts and thus create space for the "unthinkable".

If this is understood and no doubts left, life changes quite by itself. Once we understand that thought is not the gate to wisdom but intuition, our inner and outer perception and experience of the world will change. This is why consulting an oracle can work in moments of peace and reflection only.

To consult an oracle retreat to a quiet place, where you will be alone an undisturbed, and tune in to the real questions in a brief meditation.



Casting the cards


The most important thing when casting the cards and seeking answers from an oracle is a clear intent. this means that you need to have a clear picture in your mind of the issue or question you are asking the oracle to comment on and you also need to draw each card keeping in mind the aspect of that issue you are looking at. You can draw a card to comment on the past, present, future, specific lessons or anything else your intent chooses. It is the intent you hold in your mind when you draw a cards or watch a client draw a card that dictates in what context the message of the card needs to be taken. Before consulting the oracle always shuffle the cards and lay them out in a line or semi-circle with your left hand. You are then ready to choose as many cards as you feel appropriate.

The upcoming links show a selection of sample spreads that are intended to give you an idea of how to initially work with oracles. They are a starting point from which you can build up your personal system. As you work with oracles, you will find new ideas for spreads will come to your mind. This is how oracles work, for by developing your own spreads you are personalising your craft. 

Remember that you do not make mistakes, only gain opportunities to learn new lessons. The solutions to all problems lay inside of us and it is only by looking within that we can dind the answers we seek. The oracle helps to guide us but only if we take its guidance within and combine it with our intution.


(Excerpts taken from I Ching (Klaus & Marlies Holitzka), pp. 3-6, The Oracle of the Goddess (Gayan Sylvie Winter), pp. 13-14 & Ogham - The Celtic Oracle (Peter Pracownik/Andy Baggott), pp. 23-26.)


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