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Cartas del Cuervo

ISBN: 978-3-03819-458-3
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1x 'Cartas del Cuervo'

by Gabi Bücker

With clear, but by no means superficial words and images the Raven Cards provide an ever-present fund of hints and insights which shed light on difficult situation, provide a key to solving a thorny problem or simply point the way forward. To be in contact with the Raven means to tap into your own resources of inner joy and equanimity.

In legends and traditions throughout the world, the raven plays a singular role. It is generally depicted as a clever, curious and communicative bird with a humorous trait.

In Scandinavian mythology the raven symbolises wisdom - not least because it has no fear of the dark. Thus the legend speaks of two ravens which attend upon Odin, father of the gods (or Hrafnagud, the Raven God), furnishing him with reports of goings on in the land. Their names are Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory).

For the North American Indians, the raven was seen as being the Creator and the One who brought light to the world.

In our tradition, the raven is perceived as a bird of the gods which, as a carrion eater, is also associated first with death and consequently with rebirth.

Tradition frequently accords the raven oracular capacities. Irish druids used to interpret the flight and the cries of the ravens. Their flight patterns were often seen to represent important omens.

For the Vikings, the raven was a reliable guide and compass.

In the Old Testament, we read that Noah sent out a raven from the Ark.

In India, the raven is attendant on the goddess Kali.

To this day, it is the sacred national bird of Tibet.

From time immemorial, the raven has been a messenger and intermediary between the worlds. It represents a link between mankind and nature, guardian and protector of matters of mystery, a healer, a source of strength and an emissary of the void.

The raven is a bird of the soul!

49 cards
130 x 130 mm
card language: spanish
instruction cards: spanish