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Round of Angels - Ronde des Anges

Multi Language Edition

ISBN: 978-3-03819-406-4
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1x 'Round of Angels - Ronde des Anges'

by Sophia Cantardi

Angels are omnipresent, they accompany our life. The cards of the "Round of Angels" bring us close to them and thereby close to zest for life, harmony and confidence.
"Round of Angels" is an oracle card game of 35 round cards, little Angelic mandalas, full of colors, light, tenderness and good vibes.
This card deck is simple, because our connection to light is simple and natural: Just be receptive to the magic of the image, and to its explanation, then listen to the interpretation your intuition brings to you.

35 cards
round: 100 mm
card language: english, french, german
instruction booklet: english, french, german