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Yoga with The Little Yogi

Book & Cards

ISBN: 978-3-03819-432-3
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1x 'Yoga with The Little Yogi'

Games & exercises for children and adults

by Barbara Liera Schauer & Gerti Nausch

Yoga strengthens us in many ways and gives us the gift of inner peace, clarity, harmony and relaxation.

These lovingly created playing and exercise cards inspire children and adults to try and open themselves to the physical and spiritual effect of yoga.

The cards are perfect for imaginative games, exercises and yoga units for singles as well as families, school classes or children’s birthday parties.The book provides detailed descriptions of games and exercises for children and adults.

This set contains 24 pairs of cards, illustrated by Barbara Liera Schauer, the creator of the Little Yogi, as well as an instruction book written by yoga teacher Gerti Nausch in which 24 basic yoga exercises are described in two different ways: one for children and one for adults.

2 x 24 cards

65 x 65 mm

card language: english

full-colour illustrated book: english, 128 pp.