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Every once in a while, we welcome a new product into our family of Tarot, Oracles and more. Below you will find an introduction to our latest additions.


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The Little Yogi - Happy Notes

THE LITTLE YOGI inspires both young and old alike.

His loving and soulful messages go straight to the heart.

The inspirational cards give us wonderful moments of happiness:

they warm our heart and help us focus on the essentials and

strengthen ourselves.


For each happy note, the detailed booklet offers thoughts for

going deeper as well as appropriate exercises: mindfulness exercises,

affirmations, little meditations, and yoga exercises give us additional

practical impulses.




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Healing Stones

Gemstones contain a specific energy which activate our natural healing powers and exert a positive influence on our bodies, minds and souls.


This 33 beautifully designed cards show the individual beauty and message of the most important healing stones. The Healing Stone cards themselves could be used as a source of energy and as an inspiration regarding live issues.


The 80-page booklet provides detailed information about each stone and how to use the cards.




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Circles of Strength

Every life follows a certain rhythm, a cycle. Like nature we experience phases of weakness and phases of power; times of loss and times of fullness. The seasons follow a creation cycle, also day and night, as well as the phases of the moon. In our hectic, challenging daily life we often forget that we are a part of this nature.


The cards “Circles of Strength” are inspirations with which we can come closer to our own rhythm of life, and thereby our own truth. We may allow ourselves phases of weakness, and we may also celebrate our successes loudly and joyfully.


The sensually designed inspiration cards are like modern, powerful mandalas. In the comprehensive booklet, thought-provoking impulses as well as mindfulness, meditation and awareness exercises deepen the inspirations of the cards.



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Shaman Oracle

Path of the Shaman refers to an inner attitude.

It requires a naturally attentive yet fully relaxed opening

for the wholeness of Life.

Let us dive into this spiritual way of being and let us start

our personal Vision Quest, our finding and manifesting purpose.

40 Cards
70 x 110 mm
180 page full colour booklet


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Anne Anka's Wise Cards

Wise duck Anne Anka helps you getting through!
A card a day keeps the stress and the strain away.
Get active, and trust in your intention.
Anne knows how to enjoy change as an opportunity
that gives us a boost.
Stay mindful, Anne says, time is on your side.

55 Cards
70 x 120 mm
76 page booklet


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Old Lenormand

Historical cards - rediscovered

The atmosphere of the early ­Lenormand-cards - an ­invitation to a very special experience.
36 historical cards in their ­original format (44 x 75 mm),
with pointy corners (typical for the time) in a lovely sturdy box.


The accompanying booklet by ­Alexander Glück

draws a ­fascinating line from the ­primordial cards

to todays ­application of them.



36 Cards
44 x 75 mm
96 page-booklet
Booklet in English, French and German


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Cards of Time

Find the right moment

Whenever we want to change ­something in our lives or need to make important decisions, it often depends on the right time to do so.

The Cards of Time can ­provide ­assistance in the process, if we use them as a mirror of our ­consciousness and our situation.
Then they can show us the times and rhythms, that are relevant to our ­current situation.

The perfect companion cards for all kind of readings; Tarot, Lenormand or Kipper!

33 Cards
70x 120 mm
104 page-booklet
Cards and booklet in English


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Tarot of Gemstones & Crystals

New Edition 2018!

A mystic combination –

The wisdom of Tarot  and the magic powers of gemstones and crystals.

In the Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals the symbolism of the Tarot figures is expressed through the corresponding precious stones or metals.

As a special feature of this Tarot, the cards which have been drawn can also be used to resolve the respective task or situation by using, carrying, or wearing the stones or metals described.

Instructions and interpretation by Helmut G. Hofmann

78 cards
70 x 110 mm
card language: english
booklet: english, 64 pp.


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by Regular Meyer & Karin Lurz

Animals fascinate and affect us. Often we intuit, that they possess exceptional
powers and skills. When we mentally connect ourselves to them, we can use
their spiritual powers and adopt their skills as our own.
These unique animal cards, illustrated with great empathy, have their own aura. Find your very own personal animal helper - for a current issue, for the
near future or for your whole life. Use the power and the messages they provide to build and extend your own potential.

Regula Meyer lives a very spiritual life with a close proximity to nature. She conducts classes, workshops and workgroups, where she passes on her experience and her knowledge. She has also published several successful books.

Karin Lurz is a photographer, a painter and an illustrator. In making these animal-illustrations, the versatile artist has fulfilled one of her heartfelt wishes.

49 cards
95 x 138 mm
card language: english
booklet: english, 60 pp.



Enhancing Your Life Through Astrology In Positive Ways

The Positive Astrology Cards unlock the ancient wisdom of the stars.

For beginners or experienced astrologers, the detailed guidebook and gorgeous 73- card deck assists you in understanding your personality and knowing how to best utilize the qualities of the zodiac’s daily and monthly cycles for abundance and success.

Learn to give readings with a positive approach to enrich the lives of yourself and others.

 The set consists of

                        12 Zodiac Sun Signs Cards

                 12 Zodiac Moon Signs Cards

                        12 Zodiac Ascendant Signs Cards

                        10 Planets Cards

                        12 House System Cards

                        10 Further Astrology Cards

                        5 Guide Cards

                        1 Guidebook


Krystal Savoy is an intuitive astrologer, graphic designer, writer and entrepreneur. She graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2003.

73 cards
85 x 122 mm
card language: english
instruction booklet: english, 76 pages, full colored



Matching Game for all Ages

by Brunhilde Noffke

This stunningly beautiful card game has been illustrated by several well-known artists. It consists of 32 x 2 cards whereupon the match up pairs show no identical images but two different scenes from the respective fairy tale. A detailed introduction booklet illustrates all matching pairs as well as an abbreviated version of each fairy tale. With selected fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen.

2 x 32 cards
65 x 65 mm
card language: none
booklet: english




Raven Cards English and Spanish

Back by popular demand plus an additional  
Spanish language edition

Raven Cards Oracle
Cartas Del Cuervo

The Raven Cards provide an ever-present fund of hints and insights which shed light on a difficult situation, provide a key to solving a thorny problem or simply point the way forward.

They are practical and encouraging companions to help you on your way with compassion and a healthy dose of humor. To be in contact with the Raven means to tap into your own resources of inner joy and equanimity.


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49 cards
130 x 130 mm
card language:english or spanish
instruction cards: english or spanish






Mlle Lenormand Red Owl

The traditional Blue Owl Lenormand cards now with explaining verses.
Card interpretion has never been this easy!

Mlle Lenormand (1772 – 1843) came into prominence in France as a card diviner early in the 19th century. She made a deep impression upon the minds of her numerous followers and was celebrated by many famous personages.

The “Blue Owl” represent the marvelous cards found after her death, the same cards with which she predicted the rise and fall of Emperor Napoleon, the secrets of Empress Josephine and the fate of many court followers.

The verses on the cards allow even beginners to enjoy the pleasure of fortune telling.

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36 cards
56 x 89 mm
card language: english
instruction booklet: english






Fin de Siècle Kipper - By Ciro Marchetti

The traditional German oracle cards reinterpreted by Ciro Marchetti – the creator of the “Gilded Reverie Lenormand”.

Go on a journey into the Victorian England at the turn of the 20th century, and experience with this richly illustrated cards the history of the workers and the wealthy bourgeoisie during the industrial revolution .


36 + 3 additional cards with high quality silver printing

detailed instruction booklet

extra exciting animations for tablets and smartphones



In Spanish, French & German




Yoga with the Little Yogi

by Barbara Liera Schauer & Gerti Nausch

Yoga strengthens us in many ways and gives us the gift of inner peace, clarity, harmony and relaxation.

These  lovingly created playing and exercise cards inspire children and adults to try and open themselves to the physical and spiritual effect of yoga.

The cards are perfect for imaginative games, exercises and yoga units for singles as well as families, school classes or children’s birthday parties.

The book provides detailed descriptions of games and exercises for children and adults


This set contains 24 pairs of cards, illustrated by Barbara Liera Schauer, the creator of the Little Yogi, as well as an instruction book written by yoga teacher Gerti Nausch in which 24 basic yoga exercises are described in two different ways: one for children and one for adults.

2 x 24 cards

65 x 65 mm

full-coulor instruction booklet: english, 128 pages

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The Game of Hope


Reprint of the original cards from 1799.

By kind permission of the British Museum, London, edited by Alexander Glueck.

THE GAME OF HOPE – a title fit for a great novel!

The game was conceived by Johann Kaspar Hechtel and published in Nuremberg in 1799. It was a parlour game, a game with everyday situations with all their significance and twists. This is where we meet all the characters seen later in the Lenormand cards: the rider, the snake, the ship, the house, the bears, the ring, the coffin, the cross, etc.

The booklet includes the historic game rules and instructions how to read this oracle today.


Three language edition: English, French, German


36 cards

80 x 110 mm

card language: none
instruction booklet: english, french & german


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Mudras – special finger and hand position exercises which transform our hands into real „powerhouses“.

The mudras display a correspondence with the more widely known yoga exercises and like them, they help to strengthen the flow of life-energy within minutes; they have a fortifying effect on all levels and reduce stress.

v  Mudras to relieve physical complaints

v  Mudras to cope with stress

v  Mudras for mental refreshment

v  Mudras for mental and emotional equilibrium

v  Mudras for one’s spiritual development

Gertrud Hirschi is a bestseller authoress who has gaine a worldwide reputation with her books on yoga and mudras. Her mudra books have even been translated into Hindi and are recommended reading in India.

The artist Vreni Erzberger has made a small work of art out of each illustration.

Everything which you need in order to use a mudra can be found directly on the card itself.

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After several years out of print, we are happy to announce that the famous Margarete Petersen Tarot is back in stock.


In her own ingenious way Margarete Petersen has created and lived the Tarot cards since 1979. The Berlin based artist succeeded in creating archetypical motifs, although or perhaps because she has often broken with traditional imagery. Various forms of contemporary art and spirituality as well as the traditional structure contributed to the paintings.


As this is a small sclae edition do not hesitate and save your copy right now!

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by Ingrid Zinnel, Peter Orban & Thea Weller

The Deck of Rememberance

This deck reaches the memories of the soul, Astrology, personal insights, and symbolism in daily life are revealed through the cards. Constantly changing combinations of cards disclose the whole range of human experience.

A symbolon is an "object broken into two parts which...want to be reunited into a single entity." The Symbolon deck is a set of 78 images designed to help you remember forgotten aspects of yourself that are influencing your life from within. Each card shows a figure or scene that reflects one of these inner personae, their actions or motives.

Symbolon Pocket

78 cards

59 x 91 mm

instruction booklet: english


Pocket Edition available here

Standard Version  (80 x 125 mm)






With the Mystical Kipper cards the traditional Kipper gleams in a new mystical splendor.

After the Mystical Lenormand, Regula Elizabeth Fiechter introduces us to her new Mystic Kipper deck, another treasure for those interested in divination.  Due to the various person cards in the deck you will have the feeling that they speak directly to you giving you answers to your small and big questions of Life!

The artist Urban Trösch painted the 36 cards in the classical egg tempera technique. The result is a work of art with great luminous power and exactitude


The original Kipper cards came into being around 1900. They are well used as divination cards, inter alia, for the present of a large quantity of person cards.

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by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter

In 2004, the Mystical Lenormand brought new energy into the world of card interpretation. Two Swiss authors, Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and Urban Trösch, she a medium, he a painter, joined forces to create a work of great power. The images of the cards were elaborately crafted in egg tempera– a technique used only by a few painters outside the field of sacral art. The result is amazing by its brilliance, love for detail, and harmony of iconography.

In the book, Regula Elizabeth Fiechter describes each card, both the image and the interpretation. Each card is also presented in combination to each other card. However, just as you never enter the same river twice, each reader will find his and her own interpretation. To have trust in one’s own intuition here is the key to a successful and helpful interpretation.

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